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Nick Harkaway, hi-tech author Hi-tech author

‘I love stories,’ says Nick. ‘I love stories told between stops on the bus, and stories that require a thousand pages of onion-skin paper. I like stories that are acted, sung, spoken aloud or printed. I blame my parents.’ Plus: adventures. He love those, too. ‘My personal adventure started in the early Seventies in a place down in Cornwall so remote that the next house to the southwest is in America. I’m married, and I’m a dad. You want to talk about adventures, that one’s the best, and the most extreme. New life! Wow.’ The novelist, and non-fiction writer and son of John le Carré is also a commentator on technology and how it affects us humans.


Nick Harkaway, hi-tech author anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations:

Claridge's in London Read the review